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Florida Licensed Doctors
Regular membership in HADA is open to physicians/doctors licensed to practice in Florida. Regular Dues is $300. There is a $10 charge to pay  Dues  via Credit Card to offset fees. Dues paid members are eligible to be included in the HADA provider directory.


ADDED VALUE SERVICES FOR MEMBERS ONLY: HADA WEBSITE: The HADA website offers free medical classified ads so that our members can stay aware of current professional opportunities or place ad for office help. Members can place a medical classified ad at no cost. MEMBERSHIP AND DUES: To apply for membership with HADA, fill out the application above. If you apply now, membership will apply for 2018.
Price: $ 310.00
A $10 Processing Fee is added to the $300.00 Membership dues for processing


Amigo De HADA – Corporate Membership
Membership in Amigos de HADA is open to corporations and businesses that support HADA’s goals. Annual dues are$500 per calendar year.

The Hispanic American Doctors Association of SW Florida (HADA) is a tax-exempt not-for-profit, voluntary professional association uniting hispanic physicians and dentists in SW Florida.

Healthcare organizations play a significant role in the advancement of the practice of medicine. The Hispanic American Doctors Association of SW Florida & its supplier community have much to gain by working together.


HADA extends the opportunity to benefit from the Association’s standing by offering Corporate Membership. Supporting HADA increases your exposure & demonstrates a commitment to advance the medical wellbeing among its members & the public. Together we can work to improve access to care, support the betterment of public health, & sustain an increase in the overall growth of theSW Florida hispanic medical and dental professionals.

HADA of SW Florida Corporate Members represent industry companies ranging from  financial institutions, medical instrument manufacturers & local media companies . This program allows corporations to participate in the activities of HADA.

As a HADA of SW Florida corporate member, you have unparalleled access to licensed physicians and dentists , providing your company the opportunity to reach targeted audiences, strengthen your position in the health-care marketplace & increase your market share. Your support promotes increased credibility & positions you as a leader in your product area. In return for your generous support, enjoy the many benefits that Corporate Membership brings.

We appreciate all of your support and we are confident that your partnership with HADA of SW Florida will be a sound investment.  Corporate memberships always begin on the first day of the month and run for 12 consecutive months. If you have any questions about becoming a Corporate Member, please send an email to for assistance.


Corporate Membership Application

Please name your company’s product area(s)
Price: $ 510.00
A $10 Processing Fee is added to the $500.00 Membership dues for processing